A Private Company Tests A Smart Bus For The Public In London

A Private Company Tests A Smart Bus For The Public In London


A Private Company Tests A Smart Bus For The Public In London

A Private Company Tests A Smart Bus For The Public In London

Citymapper wants to transform the outdated public transportation sector with its own modern system

City-dwellers can typically rely on buses to bring them close to a destination, so as not to require a car to get around town. But newer options like Uber and Lyft are tempting for getting riders exactly where they need to go with few or no stops along the way. Citymapper, an app that suggests public transportation routes in more than 40 cities, wants to make buses relevant again. So they created their own app-integrated buses for an experimental pop-up route, CMX1, in London. To start, the route was available for just two days.

Citymapper’s CMX1 line buses don’t have the same capacity as city buses, opting instead for 30-seat vehicles called ‘Sprinters.’ These buses offer a modern twist, as they’re outfitted with displays to tell passengers when to exit and outlets for charging devices during the trip. A tablet keeps the bus driver informed about local traffic, how many passengers are on board, distance between the front of the bus and other vehicles.

Though the CMX1 operated on a small circuit in central London during its experimental run, in the future Citymapper wants to use their app’s data to to determine where a bus goes and best serve the public. However, regulations that require buses to have permits to travel on predetermined routes—especially those outside the city’s public transportation force, such as tour buses—would prevent it. To bypass these regulations for their pop-up run, Citymapper allowed CMX1 passengers to ride for free.

Data from Citymapper’s app suggested that the public would like to see updates in bus service, which inspired them to create their own. Following this experiment, the company plans to continue internal conversations of where to take their smart bus next and reach to London’s government body for public transportation, Transport For London, about expansion possibilities.

CMX1 made its inaugural runs in central London on May 9 and May 10.












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May 18, 2017 at 06:35AM