Saló de Cròniques – Ajuntament de Barcelona by neobit

Hall of Chronicles
Noteworthy for its walls decorated by Josep Maria Sert.
Its name refers to the histones or chronicles written by Ramon Muntaner and Bernat Desclot which were used by the painter to learn about Roger de Flor’s expedition to the Orient in the 14th century. Different episodes of the campaign can be seen, such as Roger de Flor’s offer of help to the Emperor Andronicus, the conquest of Artaki, the Greeks paying the soldiers with false coins, the “desperta ferro”
(Catalan battle cry), the defence of Gallipoli, the two aforementioned chroniclers, King Peter m, the taking of the Acropolis in Athens, the assassination of Roger de Flor, the Catalan vengeance and the triumphant boarding of the ships in the Bosphorus. The ceiling depicts the defence of the tower of Adrianopolis.
The paintings were done in oil on canvas previously covered with gold and silver leaf.