Couples & The Loneley Guy by RobertSchmalle

I had a chance to do some shooting in LA over the week and I found out about this great light installation at the LA Museum of Art. It is not only a beautiful work of art, but it is apparently also one of the local places to do engagement photos. Not ever having done an engagement photo shoot (and if I ever have to actually do one someone can just shoot me) I thought I would get into the spirt of thing. I coerced a young couple standing near by to go stand in the middle of the frame. They were initially exactly center, but I just couldn’t stand symmetry (see no one should ever hire me to do an engagement shoot). Next, since I was on a tripod and could composite different images, I waited around and got multiple shots of other couples. This included a real couple that were there for their engagement photos (see right). Then the real lucky break came along with the guy on the far left. He was just standing there all by himself and just staring at everyone. It added an interesting vide to the entire situation that I just couldn’t resist (see you really, really don’t want me to do engagement photo shoots).