Tastes Like Bacon? A ‘Vegan Investor’ Hosts A Plant-based Gourmet Feast To Highlight Food Innovation

Plants are having their day in the sunshine, so to speak. Sebastiano Cossia Castigliani, a committed vegan and the owner of a biodynamic, organic winery in Italy, invests in the new crop of startups that are promoting plant-based foods. He hosted a recent gourmet vegan tasting dinner in New York to highlight the innovation taking place with plant-based cuisine.

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‘Year Of The Monkey’ Marketing Flops: How Luxury Brands Got It Wrong

Surely a collection of primate-themed goodies- in red and gold, of course- would drive Chinese consumers wild in the run-up to the Lunar New Year, right? Maybe not. Ater a year of sluggish sales, global luxury brands set their eyes on China’s most shopping-frenzied seasonarmed with a slew of localized products. But […]

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Super Bowl Squares Pools: Why Payment Processors Need To Exercise Caution When Accepting Money

This week, a number of payment processors including Vantiv announced that they will no longer accept financial transactions from daily fantasy sports websites. However, with the NFL’s Super Bowl tomorrow, payment processors such as Pay Pal (an eBay company) and LeagueSafe also need to exercise caution when accepting financial transactions […]

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