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Cathedral Interior by srprice13

Looking towards the West Door of Chester Cathedral, taken from the narrow passageway above the Lady Chapel at the East side, with a view of the recently discovered decorated ceiling.
It had been hidden for years, and forgotten under a layer of soot and grime from the old candles in centuries past. An architect surveying some of the stone, brushed against the ceiling, and revealed some of the golden shine.

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Pavilion by tom-harris

As I wade into these 500px waters I see there is some interest in one of the Architects I work closely with, Studio Gang, I made this when the pavilion at Lincoln Park Zoo – South Pond was brand new. I don’t often focus so tightly on details, I tend to look for a way to show the architecture in a heroic way, but in this case one can’t help but bathe in the light in the protection of the tortoise shell that is the pavilion.

This is the South Pond Pavilion at Lincoln Park Zoo, here in Chicago.

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