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Black Forest Architecture by mirosu

Old building detail belonging to a rustic guesthouse with a generous pinch of luxury, the Adler located in Southern Black Forest in Häusern. It has been in the hands of the local Zumkeller family for six generations and looks proudly back on more than 400 years of history!!!
Though the hardwood floors creak and the walls are festooned with heirlooms, this hotel isn’t resting on its traditional laurels. Downstairs is a glass-walled spa, which has a clutch of saunas, pools and whirlpools for a post-hike unwind.
The aesthetic is sleek and understated in the recently revamped design rooms, with pine floors, natural wool rugs and brushed wood furnishings bringing the hotel into the 21st-century without losing an ounce of Black Forest soul. The split-level design emphasizes light and space from every angle. My balcony overlooks a domed chapel.
The Adler’s gourmet restaurant is the only one in Germany to have been awarded a Michelin star every year since 1966.
It lives up to the hype. Head chef Florian Zumkeller’s careful sourcing and love of playful combinations shine through in dishes like meltingly tender beef in a wasabi crust with sesame gnocchi and delicate pineapple ravioli filled with poppy-seed mousse.
Do not miss it when you are in southern Black Forest.

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Chapel of Conciliation by phigun

Chapel of Conciliation/Kapelle der Versöhnung
Berlin Germany 2015

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