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Night at the BB!!!….. by jvphoto

Hello My dear friends,

How are you doing?

I have composed many many pictures at this place. But till date, this is one of my fav of BB, specially the exposure on the water/sea with the silky effect and three front line pillars(scaling factor of the bridge), positioning of the pillars….etc…Till now i didn’t hit the same atmospheric effect(foggy, windy mix with lights)… and hope i will see one for this winter…

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Happy Clicking…….

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Night at the GG!!! by jvphoto

Hello My dear Friends,

Hope you are doing great! It was windy foggy, magical night, great feel on composition with this atmosphere by standing alone infront of this grand architecture.

There was similar post but i personally love this composition and framing. Hope you like it as well 🙂

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Have a great weekend, happy clicking friends 🙂

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Windy in the City by IwanGroot

For some of my followers you might have noticed that my Page “Iwan Groot Photography” which was for portraits has been merged with this page. So you can expect me to upload some of those portraits, but will be mainly my Retouched Portraits and my fine Art portraits, I dont think I will included my regular photoshoots,
I also have just moved to Ålesund so you Might see a bit more of the city from now on.
The Stairs up to the Fjellstua were rebuilt this year So for my Photo “Twilight above Ålesund I & II” I went up a different path since this one was closed and shot from higher up.
I Mainly went up here since I had some time to spend and since the clouds were very blah I thought I would just take some test shots to plane my next shoot here. But towards the end of my time here on the Stairs, the clouds started to break showing the patterns of how the cotton candy of the sky was flowing over the mountains and splitting apart to let some light through. This oppurtunity gave some clouds I really liked. I believe this types of cloud is called Stratus.
I like shooting lower to get some foreground, aswell as getting a several different poses at the edge and the wind provided some nice movement to my hair. The angels from this postion I find more complimentary, also the stairs going back and forth making s curves at the bottom of the fram give a unique image. This Panorama is made out of 4 tiles each with exposures, and to emphasize the colors I was seeing coming through the clouds I used two different white balances. For some it might be too much editing as it isnt straight out of the camera, But Im trying ti show what i experence, when I look i see color, I see contrast, I see Movement and a moment. I see a composition rather than a view, I see nature that can be captured in the Fine Art of Photography. I think you will see some fine art portraits from here in the future, if I can get models. =D

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“On the wings of the night” by GiuseppeTorre

Over the Tower Bridge after the sunset.

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Sunset from Kangaroo Point… by SanhitaBanerjee

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Although I know that this is not a great shot of a Sunset..but it was my first time visit to this Kangaroo Point Cliff area so I thought I would share this image..
The time was running out..as it is Winter here the sun is always in a hurry to go down..
so here is the result of a few hurried shots of the Brisbane cityscape from this point.

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