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The ‘Sint-Laurentiuskerk’ Church, Weesp 1876 by tmrother

The ‘Sint-Laurentiuskerk’ (Rom. catholic) closed its doors to prayers just few weeks before this photo was taken. The clandestine church was founded in 1792 on the banks of Herengracht. The current church was completed in 1876 after the Catholics were actually allowed to build churches (Theo Asseler architect). The tower however, was not completed until 1900. To make things confusing, a protestant church ‘Grote of Sint Laurenkerk’ is standing just 50 meters away. I guess no matter if Protestant or Catholics; Lorenz was the name they liked best. Problem with weak foundations led to the closing of the church. Dwindling congregation and therefore lack of funds meant, that the church now stands empty. The town or God did not lend a hand, and they possibly did not hear of CROWDFUNDING.
As a historical monument, the church can not be demolished, so they probably will wait until it falls down on its own, or miracle will happen and money will be be found to fix it.

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Wind Mill on the river Vecht, Weesp NL by tmrother

Holland = Windmill. In Weesp, I have seen first time a working windmill, where people came to pick up freshly ground flour. There are 2 windmills standing side by side on the banks of river Vecht. One, the 1691 Eendragt (Unity) mill is converted to a residence, but the other one and Vriendschap (Friendship) mill from 1900 is still in production. Even that there are still a lot of windmills in Holland the 3 mills located in Weeps are significant in history and design. The picturesque town near Amsterdam was established in 1355. Many houses in the protected historical center are from 17th and 18th century.

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Lift Bridge in Weesp over Vecht river. by tmrother

Weesp, a small picturesque town founded in 1355. Worth a stopover, if you drive by. Build about as the same time as the nearby Amsterdam, but on much smaller scale (18000 inhabitants). This lifting bridge (€3/boat) over river Vecht is identical in construction and age to the Amsterdam bridges. Many houses in the protected historical center are from 17th and 18th century.

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