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City Of Science Dawn. by dasanes77

Magical sunrise over the City of Science from my hometown Valencia.

The main difference from my previous photo Starship, this had not yet dawned, so not a reflection on the water was drawn. Having not so much light, let me make a very long exposure with painting trace in the first light clouds.

The picture is a unique Raw, with only combining a neutral filter of four steps and black card technique.

I hope you like it. Have a nice Thursday. 🙂

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NYC Autumn Skyline by cobybidwell

View of lower Manhattan on crisp autumn evening. Really loving the colors of the trees against the skyline!

As always your faves, likes, and comments are appreciated! Thank you for viewing!!!

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Auckland – beauty downunder by lottebell

Auckland, New Zealand by night.

NZ is called “Aotearoa” – the land of the long white cloud. During my week long visit in September I received the full treatment of that white cloud – this image of Auckland by night was captured during a very brief break in the rain. At 7pm I had no hope – after dinner I thought, I’ll go to the location & have a check. To my total delight I got a couple of minutes to get some shots before the clouds blew back in to cover the city view again.
Married to a Kiwi & having lived in Auckland years back, I do call NZ my second home country – As you can see from this image, and a few others in my gallery, not even rain can hide the incredible beauty this county possess – it’s a place I recommend you to put high on your list of places to visit.

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ponte vasco da gama by NunoMiguelValente

A Ponte Vasco da Gama é uma ponte sobre o rio Tejo,na área da Grande Lisboa, ligando Montijo e Alcochete a Lisboa e Sacavém, muito próximo do Parque das Nações, onde se realizou a Expo 98. Inaugurada a 29 de março de 1998, a ponte é a mais longa da Europa e é actualmente a nona mais extensa de todo o mundo, com os seus 17,3 km de comprimento, dos quais 12 estão sobre as águas do estuário do Tejo. Na sua inauguração foi servida uma feijoada que teve direito a inscrição no Guinness World Records.

O vão (comprimento do tabuleiro) do viaduto central é de 420 m. Foi construída a fim de constituir uma alternativa à ponte 25 de Abril para o trânsito que circula entre o norte e o sul do país na zona da capital portuguesa.

Aquando da sua construção foi necessário tomar especiais cuidados com o impacto ambiental, visto que atravessa o Parque Natural do Estuário do Tejo, uma importante área à escala europeia de alimentação e nidificação de aves aquáticas. Foi também necessário proceder-se ao realojamento de 300 famílias.

O nome da ponte comemora os 500 anos da chegada de Vasco da Gama à Índia, em 1498.

É uma das mais altas construções de Portugal, com 155 m de altura.

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Arts Center at Texas Southmost College by Joe_V

The Arts Center at TSC is the premier venue for performing arts in the Rio Grande Valley. With intimate seating and superb acoustics, performances at The Arts Center surround the audiences with sights and sounds found nowhere else south of San Antonio. And the center is affiliated with the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, the International Association of Assembly Managers and Chamber Music America. “http://ift.tt/1Mv1ziU”

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Canals of Hamburg by lottebell

Another visit to Hamburg, Germany gave me the chance again to explore with my camera & get another shot of the Wasserschloss – it’s such a beautiful site and not possible to walk pass without taking a few shots.

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