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old Hamburg by silketuexen

The view from the Poggenmühlen bridge looking onto the moated castle by night is magnificent and simply unique!
I love the Speicherstadt (the warehouse district of Hamburg) with its old warehouse buildings, especially when it is illuminated at night. This historical part of Hamburg was nominated as part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage on 5th July 2015.

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Maritime Museum Hamburg by silketuexen

The Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg (abbr. IMMH, International Maritime Museum) is a private museum in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, Germany. The museum houses Peter Tamm’s collection of model ships, construction plans, uniforms, and maritime art, amounting to over 40,000 items and more than one million photographs. It opened in a former warehouse in 2008.

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Watercastle – Hamburg by silketuexen

The “Speicherstadt” in Hamburg, Germany is the largest warehouse district in the world where the buildings stand on timber-pile foundations, oak logs, in this particular case. It is located in the port of Hamburg—within the HafenCity quarter—and was built from 1883 to 1927. The district was built as a free zone to transfer goods without paying customs. As of 2009 the district and the surrounding area is under redevelopment. As the first site in Hamburg, it has been awarded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site on 5 July 2015.

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Die Speicherstadt in Hamburg ist der größte auf Eichenpfählen gegründete Lagerhauskomplex der Welt. Sie steht seit 1991 unter Denkmalschutz und ist seit dem 5. Juli 2015 mit dem benachbarten Kontorhausviertel auf der Liste des UNESCO-Welterbes eingetragen.
The Speicherstadt in Hamburg is the largest founded on oak piles warehouse complex in the world. It stands since 1991 under monument protection and is registered since July 5, 2015, the neighboring Kontorhausviertel (Old for office houses ) on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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