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Huss zum Sternen by mirosu

The Huss zum Sternen (The House to the Stars) is located in the center of Waldshut, in the Kaiserstrasse (see also two previous photos), in the picturesque old town part; it is one of the oldest stone houses in the town.
It was built in 1496, converted to guesthouse in 1562, damaged by fire in 1792 and restored after 1792.

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Upper Gate by mirosu

In the photo you can see the Waldshut’s Upper Gate (Oberes Tor), also called the Schaffhauser Tor, the town’s landmark. It is the east town gate and was built on foundations laid down in the 13th century. Until 1864, it served as the town gaol (jail).
I’ve taken this photo from Kaiserstrasse, Waldshut’s main street, today a main shopping pedestrian zone.
The town of Waldshut lies at the edge of the southern Black Forest, right on the Rhine River, along which runs the German-Swiss border.
The Waldshut townsite lies about 2 km west of where the Swiss river Aare empties into the Rhine.
Until 1803, Waldshut belonged to Further Austria (Anterior Austria).

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Entry to Hospital Chapel by mirosu

Entry to small hospital chapel to the Holy Spirit in Waldshut, in southern Germany, belonged to the hospital next to it built during early 15th century.
It was in 1411 donated by the citizens of Waldshut and was to 1857 also used that way. The chapel has been opened to the public after restoration by the guild of the former bachelor shaft in 1468.
The hospital was primarily a sanctuary for poor and elderly people (Hospital entry gate at the right side).
Hospital Motto:
“The naked to clothe, the hungry to refresh, treat carefully sick people and pregnant women, provide lunch and dinner for the widows, orphans and strangers from wherever they may come.”

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