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14mm Single Frame by Linz550

14mm single frame (cropped slightly) shot at precisely the same position I composed the panorama of my previous image for comparison purposes. The distortion is still apparent at 14mm even when utilising lens correction for the 14-24mm lens in Lightroom.

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Super Fisheye Panorama by Linz550

D800 | 14mm | 30s | F/8.0 | ISO 50. A 4Gb TIFF file (compressed to 8Mb jpg) panorama stitched from 24 frames, 8 by 3 rows. It is fisheye because the panoramic head was rotated 180º. The curvature of the submerged foreground steps gives this away.

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Light Speed Vivid by Linz550

Was out to catch light trails with the Vivid lights on the buildings and was fortuitous enough to have a bus run down the Cahill Expressway.

I have not corrected for lens distortion here as would lose some detail.

8s for trails and f/13 for starburst effect of the street lamp 🙂

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