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New York Vista by joedyndale

Of course I had to take a shot of the standard view from Top of the Rock in New York as well. Man what a view it is! The Empire State Building in the center there, of course, and the new World Trade Center in the background beside it, and way in the background beside the WTC is Ellis Island and Liberty Island with the Statue of Liberty. All the way on the back is Staten Island, and it’s almost possible to see Coney Island, but it’s a bit too far and just out of view here.

I have to agree that there’s little doubt the top of 30 Rockefeller Center offers the best view in New York.

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When All Is Said And Done by FabioCassiusHueffer

Fracturing the structure of nature
iconic catalysts to slaughter
a stalemate bursting bound by contradictions

(Napalm Death – When All Is Said And Done)

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