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Malbork Castle (Poland) by QuimRafel

Malbork Castle is located on the right bank of the Nogat River (a tributary of the Vistula) in Poland. It was founded by the Order of the Teutonic Knights in 1274 with the name of its patron saint, the Virgin Mary.

The castle is the largest Gothic fortress in Europe and was built to be the seat of the Teutonic Order in the fourteenth century. The favorable position of the castle by the river Nogat and relatively flat surrounding terrain favored the easy access of barges and cargo ships. During the government of Prussia, the Teutonic Order charged tolls on passing ships, as well as other castles along the river, imposing a monopoly on the trade in amber. When the city became part of the Hanseatic League, many of the League meetings were held in the castle.

The castle was besieged in 1410 on the site of Marienburg, after the Battle of Grunwald, but was not taken. During the Thirteen Years’ War (1454-1466), the castle resisted until finally in 1466 became Polish rule as part of the province of Royal Prussia.

Before the first partition of Poland in 1772, Malbork was used as a residence of the kings of Poland. As part of Prussia, he happened to have a military use. The castle was being restored when World War II broke out. In 1945, 50% of the castle was destroyed as a result of the war. Since then there have been extensive restoration work, but the cathedral, fully restored before destroyed during the war and it remains in ruins.

Malbork is composed of three different sections: the High Castle, medium and low, separated by moats and towers. The castle was home 3,000 soldiers. The outer castle walls surrounding an area of ​​210,000 sqm, four times Windsor Castle.

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