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Inside an Old Wine Vat Shelter (Catalonia) by marcgc

I recently revisited the wine vats in the Flequer’s Valley—perhaps you remember some of the photographs I took it there. On this occasion, I want to show you the inside one of the main buildings in the l’Escudelleta Wine Vats constructed during the 19th century.

As you can see, the building is constructed by stacking stone on stone, without any kind of cement or mortar. This technique is called dry stone and it was popular in Catalonia. The only part of the building with a different structure is the wine vat itself: it was constructed to prevent leaks, so they used lime mortar and rounded ceramic tiles called ‘cairons’ to seal the interior.

The metal door is the entrance to the wine vat; they are usually cylindrical in shape and around three meters depth. The log seen in the back and the broken stone to the right-bottom were part of a press for the skins, stalks, and pips that remained after the alcohol fermentation. These were pressed to save as much wine as possible.

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Notre Dame de Grace by michaelglascock

Lacapelle-Livron end of the fifteenth century , A private foundation Isolated and resting on the rock, the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace overlooks the Bonnette Valley. The origin of this small building is a private funeral foundation. March 18, 1471, Catherine Gorsse, widow of Peter Pause, rich merchant of Lacapelle-Livron, newly knighted dedicates a chapel to the Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady of Grace. This place will serve as a burial for family members of Pause de Mondésir indefinitely. While it is quite common in medieval times,for rich notables to build funeral chapels to house their family tombs, it is however rare that these buildings are raised away from the parish church or cemetery. However, in this case, Catherine Gorsse chose a dominating isolated place, away from the village of Lacapelle Livron.

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Medieval Castel Albornoz in Spoleto,Italy by JaroslawPawlak

View of the medieval castle Albornoz, and the town of Spoleto in Umbria, Italy

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Riomaggiore Blue Hours by AaronChoiPhoto

Riomaggiore one of small italian towns in Cinque terre taken near the dock area during sunrise hours. Took in right after a night of rain.
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