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Oasis Of Colour by 1davidmcmahon

This image (unedited, except for a horizontal crop) shows one of the many stained-glass panels encased in a beautifully carved wooden frame, at The Sukosol, a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The stained-glass panels are about a metre wide and form a beautiful contrast with the carving that encases them.


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Silhouette City by 1davidmcmahon

Treetop Silhouette

This (unedited, hand-held) shot depicts tourists on the skywalk at Garden By The Bay. Look carefully at the second person, a little girl, who appears to be shooting on a smartphone. The third person is shooting on a DSLR and the fourth person appears to be a little boy who is looking up at the Super Tree in awe. Just a special moment, and the silhouettes for me represented not just the technology that characterises Garden By The Bay, but also the level of engagement with visitors.


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