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oops! (wrong time, wrong place) by marekboguszak

Wrong time – lamps went out a minute ago (and the sun did not make its way through the fog and clouds in the next 2 hours). Wrong place – either you get same shot as many others or (even worse) you get same shot but enriched by many tripods and photographers. πŸ™‚

Foggy morning on Charles Bridge in Prague.

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Downtown Atlanta Long Exposure by JaniceMarieMcgregor

One evening my Boyfriend (Liam) and I were doing or teaching me some long exposure shots . We drove to Atlanta which was about an hour or so from where we live and started taking images of The sunsetting and Some long exposures. My first time. I hope you like this even tho I know it will get better over time. ((-:

Thank You so much for the visit and giving my images your Likes, Favorites, Shares and Comments.. You all are the best Friends and Followers and I am so happy to have you as such!

I know I have had some family matters here lately and they should be getting better in the next week or so. So please don’t give up on me and I will get caught up soon.. I promise!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Weekend!! Sending Big Hugs to you all!

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