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Gent, Belgium by manurs

Back to Renaissance by HaochengTang

Back to last year’s summer, yeah, I was in Europe, discovering the charm of History and Art. Firenze, Florence, is the city I loved most in Italy and I had a great time there. Showing you guys the great architecture ofBasilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. Great design and great culture hidden both outside and inside it. Hope you like it and sorry not to include the Campanile di Giotto, the bell tower besides it.
Enjoy my friends!

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Nyhavn… by dib067

Nyhavn is one of the biggest attractions in Copenhagen. In the past, there are moored ships worldwide and sailors, clubs and fun-have left their mark. Old houses that gave shelter to merchants today have been restored and they have restaurants.
Nyhavn has a specific Danish charm. Every day there provides you with entertainment. At the port you can find restaurants with folk or jazz music. If you interesting look at old wooden boats and the medieval architecture of the pier. Nyhavn is the starting point for all tours on the canals of Copenhagen.

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