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Dodona by vasiliosgavrilis

Dodona in Epirus in northwestern Greece was an oracle devoted to a Mother Goddess identified at other sites with Rhea or Gaia, but here called Dione, who was joined and partly supplanted in historical times by the Greek deity Zeus. The shrine of Dodona was regarded as the oldest Hellenic oracle, possibly dating to the second millennium BCE according to Herodotus. Situated in a remote region away from the main Greek poleis, it was considered second only to the oracle of Delphi in prestige.

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Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver by RandallEpp

I was lucky enough to get in on the photographer’s tour (Vancouver Photoexperience group) of the Orpheum Theatre. Vancouver doesn’t have a lot of impressive historic edifices like Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg does, but it does have a few gems, and this is definitely one of them. The Wurlitzer organ (stage right) was originally raised up from the pit using hydraulic pressure. When the performance began it would magically rise up onto the stage, but during the intermission/interval when everyone started flushing the toilets, and thereby depleting the water pressure, the organ sank back down into the pit. They’d have to wait until everyone was back in their seats before raising it up again. Will post a few more photos of the place.

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El Teatro Romano – Malaga by michailchristodoulopoulos

El Teatro Romano is the oldest monument in Málaga City; it is situated in the cultural heart of Málaga city, at the foot of the famous Alcazaba fortress. It is one of the only Ancient ruins left in Málaga after the outwardly Republican city was bombed by Nationalist sympathizers – the Italian army during the Civil war, and one of the only remaining Roman ruins in Andalucía after centuries of warfare, and construction. The site is accompanied by the Centro de Interpretación (visitors centre) which teaches visitors about the history of the ruins and its subsequent excavation.

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Theatre of dreams by katherineyoung

The Royal National Theatre (generally known as the National Theatre) in London is one of the United Kingdom’s three most prominent publicly funded performing arts venues, alongside the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Opera House. Internationally, it is known as the National Theatre of Great Britain.
From its foundation in 1963 until 1976, the company was based at the Old Vic theatre in Waterloo. The current building was designed by architects Sir Denys Lasdun and Peter Softley and structural engineers Flint & Neill and contains three stages, which opened individually between 1976 and 1977. It is located next to the Thames in the South Bank area of central London. In addition to performances at the National Theatre building, the National Theatre company tours productions at theatres across the United Kingdom.

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The Magic Epidavros b&w by vasiliosgavrilis

The theatre is admired for its exceptional acoustics, which permit almost perfect intelligibility of unamplified spoken words from the proscenium or skēnē to all 14,000 spectators, regardless of their seating (see Ref., in Greek). Famously, tour guides have their groups scattered in the stands and show them how they can easily hear the sound of a match struck at center-stage. A 2007 study by Nico F. Declercq and Cindy Dekeyser of the Georgia Institute of Technology indicates that the astonishing acoustic properties may be the result of the advanced design: the rows of limestone seats filter out low-frequency sounds, such as the murmur of the crowd, and amplify high-frequency sounds from the stage.

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