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The Shard by OnurCepheli

The view of the Shard building as seen on Tower Bridge on a lovely sunset.

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The North and the South by AlessioAndreani

The river Thames separates the Southbank from the City of London. The Tower Bridge stands in the middle. This is one of my favourite view of London’s skyline.
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London Skyline with The Shard by JoelTjintjelaar

London Skyline with The Shard – London 2015.
[Shard – noun – a broken piece or fragment, as of pottery or glass.]
Architect Renzo Piano on the design of The Shard: “We will use clear glass – low iron glass. It’s also called extra white glass in England. This is very different from regular glass, which is very green (…) So depending on the day, the light and the position of the sun, the building will look different.” In other words: The Shard’s colour and mood are constantly changing, sensitive to the changing sky around it.
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Photographed with the Formatt-Hitech 16 stops Firecrest ND filter.
ISO 200
Exposure time: 6 minutes 25s
Lens: Canon 24mm TS-E lens with upwards shift.

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Tower Bridge & The Shard by adrianchandler

A balmy warm summer day in London, they don’t happen too often, so obviously I had to wander down the thames and eat ice cream. I did stop briefly to photograph these two landmarks.

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