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The beauty of islamic architecture by khd_uae

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abudhabi, such a masterpiece architecture, is you are beauty lover, then you must visit it as soon as you can 🙂

it appears in the shot as a float unique mosque over a thick layer of fog, a fairy tale come true !

this photo is panoramic one, 3 horizontal shots were merged together to achieve this final result, with 300mm as a focal length.

I hope you like it as I did, and feel free to follow me on instagram and twitter @khd_uae .

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The Hidden Beauty by khd_uae

Hi all, Thanks for your likes and favs on the previous shot, here is another one from that series, I took this one a while before the sunrise. I hope you like it as I did.

till this day, I am asking myself, does this scene exist in reality or it was just a beautiful dream ! What a stupid question isn’t it ?

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When nature embraces architecture by khd_uae

Hi all, its been a long time since I share with you a photo, I am back with this one and its one of my favourite shots.

I took it in the first day of 2015 , so as you notice the first light of the new year was magical.

I prepared myself well to take this result, however I took permission every day while I chased the weather by following what experts says and sometime by my sense of fog :), I went to the building several times hoping that I will photograph a thick layer of fog but I wasn’t lucky, until this day came while I was sleeping in my car under the towers that I photograph from thier roof. I woke up to pray at 5 am then I noticed that the humidity was very high, here I felt that the dream will be true, while I was driving from the mosque to the towers I noticed a big wave of fog behind me, so I drived as fast as I can to catch this moment, and here is one shot from the series that I will share with you guys next days .

After the sun rises above the horizon line and it gives a depth by reflects the shadow of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, like the nature embraces the beauty of this brilliant architecture.

I hope you liked it

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