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Super Moon over Lisbon II – Portugal, Lisbon by acseven

The “Padrão dos Descobrimentos” and the 25 de Abril bridge, with a “super” moon lighting the sky.
Padrão dos Descobrimentos e Ponte 25 de Abril, com uma “super” Lua a iluminar os céus.

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Dutch supermoon eclipse by bverbrugge

Catching the rare super blood moon total eclipse gave me a short night. The wheather predictions weren’t that great. When I woke up at 03.30 (a.m) I could see the eclipse clearly from my bedroom window. So I left home by bicycle to go to a spot where I would have a nice foreground. There was a bit of mist, but luckily not too much. It was worth the early rise. What a magnificent night it was. Live is a gift!

FYI: I used two exposures, as the rotation of the moon does not allow long exposure photos.

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Moon Over Bay Bridge by rajeshgathwala

Taken during the 500px Fujifilm San Francisco Global Photo Walk from Pier 7. As we were wrapping up, the sky all turned red in all directions. The moonrise started ringing over the Bay Bridge, and I used my tripod to get a long exposure. It was great to meet fellow photographers and specially Mike Bonocore, who lead the walk and learn. Thank you all for your feedback and comments. Have a great day friends!

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When the rising moon meet the Sacre Coeur by Loic80l

From a rooftop somewhere in a northern suburb of Paris. Taken in July 2015 during the full moon rising.

This is a crop from a tele zoomed photo (400mm).

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Poster view by EduardMoldoveanuPhotography

Super Moon – Eagle Rock Reservation,New York City,NJ,USA on August 10 2014. Photo: Eduard Moldoveanu Photography

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