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Light by GraceRay

Schmidt-Burnham Log House. Research indicates that the Schmidt-Burnham log house is the oldest log structure in Cook County, Illinois, USA still in use and that it was most likely built in 1837 by early settlers in the area. It is also distinguished as the only home in the area to be continuously occupied for nearly 165 years. More: http://bit.ly/1CGVoFE

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Path of light by GiuseppeTorre

“Florence with your dslr becomes like as a canvas for your brush”.

This is the top of the First Courtyard inside Palazzo Vecchio, during an amazing sunny day.

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The Hungarian Parliament Building by thomasmorkeberg

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This photo from my last trip to Budapest is probably the one I am most happy that I was able to capture. The reason is that for the last six to seven times I have been to Budapest, I have not been able to get a straight on shot of the Parliament building. Every time there has always been a big restaurant ship docked right in front of it, blocking the straight on view. This time was no different so I went up to the Fisherman’s bastion to see if I could get a better view from up high, only to see that the ship was leaving dock. I rushed down to the riverbank again to capture some straight on long exposures of the Parliament building and got among other this image.

I used the Lee Big Stopper to capture this 73 sec long exposure.

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Surveillance by stefanholm

Surveillance camera on orange wall with small windows, filter applied for graphic effect

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