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Conwy Castle by Lamplight by AdrianEvans

Evening photograph of Conwy Castle, Conwy Castle dominates the mouth of the River Conwy and the medieval walled town of Conwy in North Wales, UK
The castle was built on the orders of King Edward I of England and construction began in 1283 under the direction of Edward chief architect James of St. George.
Today the castle is one of the best preserved castles in the whole of North Wales.

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Once, only weed was thriving here….. by tmrother

Once, only weed was thriving here…..
These high-rises and the Sky Dome stadium nearby, were not even on the drawing board in the late 70’s, when I spent a summer working for Metro Toronto Water Supply. I used to take a short cut at about in this area, where some of the abandoned railway cars once stood and weed (the regular kind) was growing high. 30 years later, there is nothing left from that time, except the abandoned train cars were restored by the volunteers at railway museum at nearby roundhouse, which was largely converted to furniture store. The water pumping station, where I was working was moved to another location.

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