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OTHER SIDE by nenadspasojevic

In my latest visit to NY I wanted to shoot the skyline from a different perspective. The plan was to hit as many rooftops as possible, listen to some great music, have drinks, sneak in the equipment and get some great shots while partying. That is exactly what we did. I ended up with great stories to tell and this 64MPX pano. This is the final result from one of those nights. What do you think?

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Louvre Pyramid Pari… by RustamAzmi

Louvre Pyramid Paris…
I was Goin thru my archives…Saw this image which i had never Processed it…..so Tot of processing it…..This is image consist of Two seperate images…..one for the Foreground and another for the Background…..Blended together to creat the Complete Image
Hope you guys Like it…Feel Free to Share it…

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Petra by night by danyeidphotography

The city of Petra, capital of the Nabataean Arabs, is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, it is Located 240 km south of the capital Amman and 120 km north of the red sea town of Aqapa. Petra the world wonder is undoubtedly Jordan’s most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction, and it is visited by tourists from all over the world.

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