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Castle or Stage? by marekboguszak

The frontage of the castle Stirin in the dawn. The castle is about 20 km south from Prague and serves as a hotel and there is also a golf course.
At the beginning of the 15th century a fort was built at the site of today chateau. Here, King Maxmilian stayed overnight on his first journey to Prague as the sovereign in 1562. After the Thirty Years War the fort was rebuilt as a baroque chateau with a park.

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Back Stage by marekboguszak

Narrow alley between Prague Estates Theater and Karolinum – the seat of the Charles University. The alley is part of the historical fruit market.
Prague Estate Theater was opened in 1783. One of the Estates Theater many claims to glory is its strong link with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who conducted the world premiere of his opera Don Giovanni here in October 1787. Karolinum (formerly Latin: Collegium Carolinum) is a complex of buildings located in the Old Town of the City of Prague.It is the seat of the Charles University in Prague and one of the oldest dormitories situated in the Central Europe. The dormitory was named after the Emperor Charles IV.

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Dodona by vasiliosgavrilis

Dodona in Epirus in northwestern Greece was an oracle devoted to a Mother Goddess identified at other sites with Rhea or Gaia, but here called Dione, who was joined and partly supplanted in historical times by the Greek deity Zeus. The shrine of Dodona was regarded as the oldest Hellenic oracle, possibly dating to the second millennium BCE according to Herodotus. Situated in a remote region away from the main Greek poleis, it was considered second only to the oracle of Delphi in prestige.

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Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver by RandallEpp

I was lucky enough to get in on the photographer’s tour (Vancouver Photoexperience group) of the Orpheum Theatre. Vancouver doesn’t have a lot of impressive historic edifices like Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg does, but it does have a few gems, and this is definitely one of them. The Wurlitzer organ (stage right) was originally raised up from the pit using hydraulic pressure. When the performance began it would magically rise up onto the stage, but during the intermission/interval when everyone started flushing the toilets, and thereby depleting the water pressure, the organ sank back down into the pit. They’d have to wait until everyone was back in their seats before raising it up again. Will post a few more photos of the place.

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