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A Light Burns in Shadows by ryan_kole

First off… If anyone recognizes the lyric of my title here… We will be best friends for life haha.

Anyway… I took this a while ago… My first over night photography excursion as I recall.

Believe it or not, this is the Lake Louise Boat House. It took me a while but I found two angles I really liked. One vertical and one horizontal… I posted the horizontal one a while back and so here we are with this one.

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Atlas Mine – Drumheller Alberta Area by ryno324

Once again, I took this on my day trip to Drumheller yesterday. Atlas Mine stuck out in my opinion. You really don’t see this kind of stuff too often these days (at least in Alberta Canada)…

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Engine Bridge – Miniature by ryno324

I took this a few days ago when my car was in the shop… Thankfully, this bridge is like a 15 minute walk to get to from the dealership and it was a gorgeous day. I started playing around with various angles of the bridge… Much more bizarre than my black and white version that is. I left my camera pointed up on a pillar and this is what I ended up getting.

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