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Stairs to hell by marcocalandra89

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Summer came to an end and before I returned home, to the city where I live, I decided to visit Stockholm.
After doing some research, I found that it has got an Underground with several stations with very strong colours and artistic artowrk painted on the walls.
The station that most caught my attention was “Solna Centrum”. Going down the escalators and then looking at them, you have the feeling you have come to Hell.

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Subway Art | Solna Station by Serwan

The Stockholm subway system is said to house the world’s longest art exhibit running 110km underground. To be precise, over 90 of the city’s 100 stations have been decorated with paints and sculptures by 150 artists since 1950s. What really fascinates me is the fact that every single decor represents a specific era in Sweden’s history whether it’s political, industrial or cultural issue.
One of the most beautiful stations is arguably Solna Station on the Blue line. Created by artists Anders Åberg and Olov Björk in 1975 where Sweden was at its peak of Industrial era. these illustrations reflect the political issues in 1970s of the increase of industrial zones and destruction of the environment. The prominent colours are red sky and green spruce forests painted along 1km of the wall at this station.

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Solna Sci-fi by kaizross

Searching for the most awesome places to shoot this one came my way. There is composition elements great texture and uniqueness in this location that I’m very drawn to. This station is called Solna Centrum. The bright red paint is like flames. Some people connect it the with the idea of stairs to hell or something from sci-fi movies. This way of decoration is called organic architecture as it tries to use the natural forms of the space.

If you have any questions about the shot just ask.

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Last train from Inferno by radovan77

“Last train from Inferno” – Stockholm has one of the most beautiful metro system in the world. Several stations were decorated by artists and this one is cave-like and has vivid colours. Solna Centrum – the most fascinating metro station. 🙂

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Inferno by radovan77

So I decided once again to make something new… Here is the first photo of my “subway collection”:
Stockholm subway – Solna centrum station stands out for its cavernous, bright red ceiling that seems to “weigh down” on the platform. So I was there late night and deep in the bowels of Stockholm (tunnelbana) subway system… setting up to take this shot of the station 🙂

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