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Vernazza before dawn by maranatha

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Vernazza (1 hour before sunrise), Cinque Terre, Riviera Ligure di Levante, Ligurian Sea, La Spezia Italy

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Planescraper by dre07

Hello everyone ;))! Sadly i had to work a lot and there was a long “paused period”, but finally i am happy to be back! Captured this image last sunny sunday morning! It’s one of the highest buildings in munich/germany! I hab to hurry up, because the security didn’t like my shooting! Hope you’ll like it even more :))! Please press “H” to get a better view in black!

Wish you all a pleasant week!

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movement by maxrobeyns

a composite of two images of the platform leading to the new crossrail station in canary wharf. The first one is a sharp one of the scene, and the second is a long exposure taken while zooming in. The images were then composited in photoshop, giving the scene a sense of motion around the edges, while keeping the centre sharp.

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