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Paris Romance by guner_gulyesil

Alexander III Bridge, Paris.

I took this shot last month in Paris when went there for my wedding. Paris is a very romantic city and there are lots of great bridges. This one was my favorite since I saw it in the web before I go there.

I went the place two hours before the sunset on the shooting day to find a nice spot. After taking a few test shots, I waited for the right time. I start to take series of exposures just after the bridge lamps lit. A few minutes later, I took I want when the blue hour started.

Post-process was not easy. I blended more than 10 exposures by using luminosity masks and luminosity selections for dynamic range, for some light effects and for focus stacking.

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The Beast by GRoyer

This is the sculpture in Birrarung Marr Park, next to the Yarra river, with beautiful views of Melbourne city at night. took this one just after the shot for the One Minute On Earth (OMOE) 2015 – check this awesome website and initiative: OMOE 2015

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Dance with a Dolphin by DanMontalbano

Continuing in my exploration of iconic London scenes, here is one I took this weekend while exploring the area around Tower Bridge. The statue is by David Wynne who is well known for sculptures which give the illusion of movement and flying unsupported. The very modern Shard in the background is nicely juxtaposed against historic Tower Bridge.

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