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HONORABLE MENTION WINNER! Congratulations +Nilson Pilao! by nilsonpilao

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Congratulations +Nilson Pilao! Your excellent work has been chosen as an Honorable Mention winner in our “Doors” Contest.

Please enjoy this artist’s work and check out more of what they have done, by adding them to your circles! 

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The Diamond by luigisaria

As a result of 37 photos stitched together to make this 320 megapixel panorama, I wanted to show the beauty and the majesty of some of the things that the man can built.

Located on Avenue Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3500, São Paulo-Brazil,
this is a new high end commercial building.
It was photographed in a close up on my other photo (The Diamond Edge).
But I wanted to show the greatness of this architectural construction and design in only one picture. So I’ve made this panorama to watch every detail in the scene.
Thank you all for watching my work! Hope you guys enjoy!

Luigi Saria

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