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The Sun Always Shines on…. by markgreenfield1975

…Manchester, well to be precise Media city which is in Salford. And the sun doesn’t always shine either!

Anyway shot is HDR image of 3 bracketed shots taken on the way back from doing the series of shots of IWM North and with that sunset I just couldn’t resist.

Thanks for looking 🙂

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IWM III by markgreenfield1975

The third photo in the series, all of which were taken on the same evening back in June.

No long exposure this time just one single exposure. The change in colour at the bottom of the building is the light from the setting sun reflecting off the metallic exterior.

Thanks for looking 🙂

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Trinity Bridge by srprice13

Trinity Bridge links the Cities of Manchester and Salford over the River Irwell, and was completed in 1995.
Designed to look like a ship with it’s mast and rigging, it harks back to a time when this part of the world was the Industrial Revolution’s core, with docks and ships importing and exporting. The Irwell became overused, polluted and rotten, and post industrial Manchester and Salford were not in a good way.
In the last 20 years major development work has taken place, and the area is now a vibrant clean tourist destination.
You can even fish in the Irwell again!

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