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Foggy Dubai Marina v5.0 by SajeeshShanmughan

Taken from the 94th floor of worlds 2nd tallest residential only building, Princess Tower(Total 101 floors,414 m height)
Taken on feb,2015
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Digital blending of multiple exposures using photoshop cs6
Camera :Nikon D7100
Lense :Tokina 11-16
Processed in :cs6,Topaz Labs,Google Nik Collections

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View from The Burj Khalifa by SajeeshShanmughan

shot from the 125th floor of worlds tallest building ‘The Burj Khalifa’
its a hand held shot so missing some clarity and perfection…
created multiple exposures from a single image and blended using photoshop
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Foggy Dubai Marina, v4.0 by SajeeshShanmughan

Shot from the roof top of Marina Pinnacle Apartment(from a height of 280m),Dubai, taken on 30-Dec-2014
Created Multiple exposures from a single image and did manual blending in photoshop cs6
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DUBAI MARINA V4.0 by SajeeshShanmughan

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taken from the 14th floor of Marina Towers,Dubai Marina
Manual blending of 4 different exposures in cs6
Missed my intervelometer so applied Bracketing feature of Nikon D7100 for getting multiple exposures
f/9 30sec iso :100
f/14 30sec iso :100
f/11 30sec iso :100
f/13 30sec iso :100
Lense :Tokina 11-16mm
pluggins used: Googles Nik collections,Topaz labs.

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1st Interchange,Dubai by SajeeshShanmughan

Taken from 42nd floor ..
Digital blending of four different exposures @
f/13, iso: 100, 15.3 sec
f/13, iso: 100, 11.9 sec
f/13, iso: 100, 8.4 sec
f/13, iso: 100, 3.6sec
Manual blending in photoshop cs6
Applied Google Nik collections filters and Topaz Lab’s filters
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