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The Erechtheion by vasiliosgavrilis

The area around the Erechtheion was considered the most sacred of the Acropolis. The Erechtheion was a complex marble building in the Ionic order, an exceptional artwork. The eastern part of the Temple was dedicated to Athena, whilst the western part was dedicated to local hero Boutes, Hephaistos and other gods and heroes. Thus, the Erechtheion was a temple with multiple functions, housing older and newer cults, and the site of the ‘Sacred Tokens’, the marks made by Poseidon’s trident and the olive tree, the gift of Athena to the city of Athens.

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Temple of Promise by Dustin_Wong_Photography

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Shot at Burning Man this year during the dramatic sunrise on Sunday. The sky was filled with richly colored clouds that chilly morning. Normally there are a good amount of photographers out at sunrise, but on this day few were seen. Either because it was near the end of the event and people were tired or had left, or because it was so cold that night!

The Temple of Promise was built by the Dreamers Guild out of San Francisco. Each year Burning Man selects a project to be the official temple–a non denominational sacred space intended to provide a safe place for visitors to release and grieve, to connect with others and be a spiritual center of the city. At the end of the week, it is burned down which is the finale formal event of week long festival.

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The candle by GiuseppeTorre

Inside the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris.
A magic place to visit in the heart of France.
Usually I always correct the very broad perspective, but in this case I loved the feeling of space that the inclined prospect gives it and I preferred do not to fix the falling lines.

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San Biagio by buzz93

Viene preceduta da un viale meraviglioso .. quando arrivi li , ci rimani per un attimo , perchè è veramente grande ! Da quell’effetto forse anche perchè, intorno non ha praticamente nulla, se non un curatissimo praticello verde!

Ho avuto la fortuna , di trovarla praticamente vuota , e senza nessun disturbo ho potuto fotografarla in varie sfaccettature… ma questa è quella che mi è piaciuta di piu 🙂




Is preceded by a wonderful avenue .. when you get there, stay there for a moment , because it’s really great ! To that effect perhaps because , around has virtually nothing , if not a well-kept green meadow !

, I had the fortune to find it almost empty , without any trouble , I might photograph her in various facets … , but this was the one I liked the most 🙂



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Untitled by AnthonySoo

Was taking photos of the magnificent Gesu (Jesuit) Church in Rome and noticed this shaft of light shining through the darkness onto a particular couple. Quickly grabbed the shot before the light changes. They were extremely pleased when I showed them the shot and eventually sent a copy to them. It was magical as it contrasted with the relatively dark and rich interior.

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