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Ephemera by ottoberkeley

I’ve always been drawn to Richmond Bridge’s stunning architecture, from the texture of its Portland stone to the romanticism of its Victorian gas-lit lampposts, but also to the ethereal spectacle when its unique shape and structure is reflected in the Thames.

I was fortunate enough to be shooting the bridge on a morning when the wind speed had dropped to 1mph, which helped me get a clear reflection in the water. Despite the fact that the boats beneath the bridge were moored quite loosely and slowly swaying, I also captured a brighter exposure of the boats, and then isolated them in Photoshop with the pen tool so that I could selectively mask in the brighter exposure and add saturation and contrast. I then just spent some time dodging and burning the bridge to recover some of the shadows and to emphasise the glow from the lamplight cast along the bridge’s stonework.

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Vogalonga – Venezia by PatKofahl

Since it’s inception, La Serenissima and it’s denizens have had a love affair – with the sea. As one of the greatest maritime powers of the Mediterranean, Venice grew rich controlling trade routes from Gibraltar to Jerusalem, and the Black Sea to the Balearic Islands. The city celebrates its maritime heritage each year with a 30km rowing race around the Venetian lagoon that draws thousand of entrants from all over the world, and includes every type of vessel from single place kayaks to Chinese dragon boats with dozens of rowers.

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