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Up The Down Staircase by Meezer3

In 1871, the Great Fire ravaged Chicago. While devastating, it launched a building boom that pushed architectural experimentation and advancement that put Chicago at the forefront of progress. The Rookery was one of the resulting masterpieces of commercial architecture.

Prior to the Great Fire, this site was known as the “reservoir lot,” housing the water works for the south side of the Loop. The structure had a large central water tank of solid masonry that survived the conflagration. This structure was converted to Chicago’s first public library. The top of the tank was made into a skylight, and bookshelves lined the round walls. City Hall also occupied this site.

In 1885, City Hall moved from here to a new site, and wealthy Boston brothers Peter and Shepherd Brooks leased a city-owned lot on the southeast corner of Adams and LaSalle Streets. With Chicagoan Owen Aldis, they formed the Central Safety Deposit Company and hired architects Burnham & Root to design a prestigious office building. The completed building – The Rookery – was revolutionary in several respects. Its architecture was unique and much more ornate than had been seen to date in commercial buildings. The Rookery successfully implemented many new and breakthrough building technologies – including metal framing, elevators, fireproofing, electrical lighting, and plate glass – that established the commercial acceptance of the modern skyscraper. At 11 stories tall, The Rookery was one of the earliest examples of metal framing with masonry walls on such a large scale. Today, it is considered the oldest standing high-rise in Chicago.

Moorish, Romanesque Commercial, Indian, Venetian, Arabian, Islamic, Byzantine: all these words have been used to describe the Rookery’s exterior motifs. Some critics said that the mix of styles lacked unity, but others felt that the repeating patterns were an interpretation of American culture, reflecting a spirit of conquest.

The Oriel Staircase

The Oriel Staircase
Architect John Root designed an iron staircase that winds down from floor 12 to 2 and projects into the light well. The intricate, repeating patterns and the spiraling nature of the steps is both overwhelming and awe-inspiring.

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Amazing East Gate in Infrared! by MardySuongPhotography

Amazing East Gate in Infrared!

It is my first Infrared photo at Siem Reap province and I would to say thanks to my friend at Siem Reap province who let me use IR camera during I tripped alone to Siem Reap province on June 18th to 20th 2015.

Photo by: Mardy Suong Photography
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My name is Mardy SUONG, I am from the one of Cambodian Photographers. I wish to extend my heartfelt welcome to all international visitors and photographers to Cambodia-Kingdom of Wonder.

As one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in Southeast Asia, Cambodia’s rich heritage, cultural and natural resources offer a full range of cultural and eco-tourism sites that are both dynamic and sustainable. Highlights include Phnom Penh, the Angkor Wat and the Mekong River Dolphins, just to name a few.

The Kingdom’s capital is a dynamic city where visitors are in the mood for shopping, dining, sightseeing and more. As Cambodia’s hub for commerce, politics and tourism, Phnom Penh is also home to many important institutions and monuments such as Wat Phnom, the Royal Palace and the National Museum. The magnificent Angkor Wat and Preah Vihear, Heritage of Humanity and World Wonder, is probably the most exotic tourist destination in the world and the renowned yet very rare Mekong River dolphins can also be found in Cambodia. During your staying here, do visit and relax on Cambodia’s pristine beaches, explore the coral reefs around many of our beautiful islands and trek through lush mangrove forests. The bay of Cambodia has been inducted to the Most Beautiful Bay of the World Club.

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