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Vienna’s Curves (Crazy Trip Spot#6) by AlexGaflig

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Two days after my Yugoslavia Trip with Cludes Tomato i flew to Vienna.
I had super bad luck in Vienna with building sites, seems like cranes and scuffoldings hunt me this year. The Charles Church, St. Stephans Cathedral, Votiv church are just some of them, the most disappointing was the WU (University of Economics). There’s such an interesting building but a building site since March or even longer. Well i found this beauty here, 2 new buildings in vienna, this one with curves and the other one with edges =) The sky was very boring, so this is one of my rare “out of the hand” shots. Next time i’ll try a LE with a dramatic sky ^^
By the way this is my first shot with the Zeiss 16-35 which has really a great quality. Mainly i bought it to keep my cam bag as light as possible, currently i’m at 3.5KG with a tripod!

via http://ift.tt/1M1rhvT