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Grey Glass by tchebotarev

While in Shanghai I visited an iconic circular Apple Store. It’s very similar in aesthetic to the New York city store on 5th Avenue, only instead of a cube the entrance is made as a cylinder. It’s very epic when looking from below.

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Hawthorne Bridge at Blue Hour by jplphotographypdx

Hawthorne Bridge Over Willamette River in Portland Oregon during Evening Blue Hour

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A postcard from New Cross Inn, Deptford by tmrother

An old postcard from the late 1940’s, received from my Deptford friend Joseph, when he just crossed the Channel and rented a small 10’x 10′ dark room in the Inn. He was of course freezing in the so called English summer, but the heating required a Shilling to be put in the slot.
The shower down the corridor was also coin operated, so he would used the bucket in the yard. At least beer was cheap in those good old days. He was working in the ‘Deptford Royal Dockyards’, where majority of Deptford men was slavering. The dockyard (renamed Convoys) closed around 1975 leaving him penniless. He opened a Fish and Chips stand on High Street (using Thames River fish only) a prospered. Most of his customer died slowly from the heavy metal content of the fish, but on the bright site, he always got new customers. As Deptford gentrified, he said the heck with tradition and started a ‘Joshi Sushi’ (using the same source for the fish). He now owns the New Cross Inn and several houses in the neighbourhood. The moral of the story? Fish is good for you! Interestingly, Deptford population steadily declined after 1975….

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The Marquis would probably be amused. Deptford. by tmrother

The Marquis of Granby is traditional Irish pub. It serves Guinness and of course selection of other beers. I just had a peak in after I took the photo. Bit dark, moderately busy, football on screens.
John Manners, Eton educated Marquis of Granby, was an 18th-century army general. His drinking and gambling was well known, so naming a pub after him makes sense and he would be pleased. There was a pub on this spot since 1760, but this building is here from 1868. This intersection is in the heart and historical origin of Deptford. If you do not like this one, do not worry; there is a pub just down the street ‘The Royal Albert’ (1848) or the ‘New Cross Inn’ (1675?). The rumours of DEATH of the English pub have been greatly exaggerated.

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Slated for demolition. Bloody refreshing. by tmrother

Slated for demolition. 231-237 College Street, Toronto.
The John Davison buildings on Huron/ College intersection are destined for possible demolition. It’s almost a sure thing, as the toothless ‘Heritage Preservation Services’ usually cries crocodile tears, after the bulldozers are almost done.
I have photographed this building few times in the past, but this time I noticed the Development proposal. The developer applied in 2013 for 19 story ‘Design Haus’ building, which was modified to 17 stories year later. Build for a grocery merchant Davison in 1890 (John Turner), and updated in 1909 by Langley and Howland, it is one of slowly disappearing examples how College Street looked at the turn of 19th century. It is not a stunning example of the late 1800’s architecture. It has been modified with cheap doors and windows, but it’s going to be replaced by even less interesting building. I may take a photo next year of the new building.

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