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Pier Pressure by johnfharper

So, here I am waiting for the children to come up the beach on their donkey ride. I thought I’d take a quick snap of the “Grand Pier” with some added human interest. Take note of the father and daughter taking a “selfie”. Five minutes later the donkeys with the children are on their way, I’m poised ready. From out of nowhere the aforementioned woman comes chasing after me shouting “Are you a professional?” I then had to take some shots of her and her estranged father, apparently she needs them for some National Newspaper story. I missed the best of the kids on donkeys btw! Anyhow, for no charge, I processed them, emailed the images and got “thanks,, received” as a reply…….My wife is annoyed on two fronts – 1) I missed the kid & donkeys. 2) No money changed hands, which would have been useful as we’d just spent £50 on rides etc in the not so “Grand” Pier 😉

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