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Mirror of a Star by Bingdun

Victoria Harbour, Melbourne.

Am I unhappy when bad weather spoils my shooting plans? No. This was where I planned to do a sunrise shoot, hoping for a good sky and still water. As it turned out, it was raining non-stop since leaving Port Campbell, even till now, and I’m in Kiama now.

I reflect, not in the sense of looking at ourselves in the mirror, on my purpose of traveling. I suppose I take away experiences from my travels and retain some pictures to help with my memory, should I one day lose all of my memory and can no longer recognize anyone or recall any part of my past. I don’t do photography with the aim to get likes and increase my self-worth. I do it to remember what I once passionately loved and places I’ve been to and scenes which I love.

By the way, moments after photographing this, it started to pour heavier (it was already drizzling when I was completing the frames), and this was late at night somewhere before or after 10pm. The reflection is real and I did not process much. It was supper at MacDonalds after this.

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Waiting in the ruins by AaronChoiPhoto

A rainy scene at the colosseum, rome, Italy. I wanted to capture the light trails and the night light illuminating the colosseum under the stormy sky. But there seemed to be something missing in the scene, so I decided to grab my umbrella, set my camera on timer, and sat right under the street lamp light. That person with the umbrella is actually me 😀
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