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Castel Sant Angelo by highway13Photography

“…in order to build churches for the use of the Christians, not only were the most honoured temples of the idols destroyed, but in order to ennoble and decorate Saint Peter’s with more ornaments than it then possessed, they took away the stone columns from the tomb of Hadrian, now the castle of Sant’Angelo, as well as many other things which we now see in ruins.”
by Giorgio Vasari

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Junipero Serra’s Quarters by PatKofahl

Junipero Serra’s Quarters at Mission Carmel in California. “Mission Carmel”, as it came to be known, was Serra’s favorite and, being close to Alta California’s capital of Monterey served as his headquarters. When he died on August 28, 1784, he was interred beneath the chapel floor. Father Serra was just made a Saint by His Holiness, Pope Francis.

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Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day by Downunder

Hi everybody,

Here’s a shot taken from the top of Saint peter, in Rome a few months ago. I used a Nikon D700 and a 24-70. it’s the result of 9 shots composition with Camera Raw and Photomatix to get the bet result possible. I hope you like it,


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