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Waves of Imagination – Agora, Athens by JuliaAnnaGospodarou

My last fine art architectural street photograph that I shot during my latest  private photography workshop in Athens.  This is a new genre and approach to photography that I’m working on and I’m talking more about it here http://ift.tt/1OhhyCl
Looking forward to meeting the students of my next workshop in Chicago Oct 17-18. The workshop was sold out and I’m offering 3 more spots, since I still have quite a few requests. Thank you for the trust. Join us here http://bit.ly/Chicago_2015
Photo taken with the amazing DxO One camera, PP – DxO OpticsPro & FlimPack (with my preset Dark City Soft Blur)

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Urban Saga I – Chicago Skyline by JuliaAnnaGospodarou

I finished this image a while ago but I’m only now presenting it publicly. In the meanwhile it has won a few important awards I’m proud of, like Gold medal and 2 Silver medals at PX3 2015 Prix de la Photographie Paris and FAPA 2015 Fine Art Photo Awards London, where it was category winner.
I’ll be back to Chicago very soon as I’ve just launched my Chicago Workshop 2105, on October 17-18, the weekend of the famous festival Open House Chicago when more than 200 iconic buildings are open to visit and photograph. There are 10 spots available and a special price for the next 2 weeks. Details on my website http://ift.tt/1JlUFY0

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EQUIVALENTS II – London City by JuliaAnnaGospodarou

EQUIVALENTS II and How to use imagination in fine art photography
A new photo in my series Equivalents and a new blog post about how to go beyond what you see and use your imagination to create art. You can see both the photo and the article on my website http://bit.ly/1Fe1qZK
More to come soon! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!
Shot with 16 stops ND Formatt Hitech Filters. Processed with Topaz Labs and DxO Labs +PS & LR
Shot in the City of London.

via http://bit.ly/1GB5qYE