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“Life is a journey up a spiral staircase; as we gr … by paolofortades

“Life is a journey up a spiral staircase; as we grow older we cover the ground we have covered before, only higher up; as we look down the winding stair below us we measure our progress by the number of places where we were but no longer are. The journey is both repetitious and progressive; we go both round and upward.”

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Miagao Church by nickfozzie

Miagao Church also known as the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church is a Roman catholic church located in Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines. It was also called the Miagao Fortress Church since it served as defensive tower of the town against Muslim raids. The church was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on December 11, 1993

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Makati Skyline by miketlim

I don’t usually do cityscapes as you can tell from the size of this new album but I got a chance to shoot from a roofdeck in Makati over the weekend during sunset and was happy I did. We weren’t treated to a golden sunset as there were thunderstorms around the metro but thankfully, the colors in the sky decided to cooperate. Perhaps I’ll start shooting from rooftops more.

Happy Independence Day weekend to everyone in the Philippines.

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