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Temple of Reflections V by roliketto

Continue posting “temple of Reflection” series architectural work from my recent trip in London, UK.

… and check out my previous versions of the same spot –


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Souq Muttrah by Chordk

Muttrah, (Arabic: مطرح‎) administratively a district, is located in the Muscat province of Oman. Before the discovery of oil, Muttrah was the center of commerce in Oman (Muscat). It is still a center of commerce as one of largest sea ports of the region is located there. Other landmarks include Souq Muttrah, a traditional bazaar and Sour Al-Lawatiah, a small community of houses surrounded by an old wall. To the south lies Muscat District.

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Umbrella Pathway by jeso

“Porcijunkolovo” is a traditional cultural event held annually at the end of July and beginning of August since 1964.

Initially, “Traditional crafts fair” was organized at the time of the religious feast of “Our Lady of the Angels – Portiuncula” (August 2nd). Over the years, the event has expanded thematically and in scope. It has become “the most important tourist event in the county”, attracting great number of visitors and exhibitors to Čakovec.

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