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Diamonds are For Ever by deb_sankar

It was just before the National Day in France. I went there in one evening. The tower was, as usual, astounding. The curves reminded me some thing traditional … it was like a diamond…. which is for ever !

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Elegant Paris VI by deb_sankar

The elegant French Academy, standing beside Seine river and Musee du Louvre, is witnessing times of France for so long. When passing by the building, I took this picture on a nice sunset. I hope to bring you the flavour and the glamour of this place. Let me know if you get it ….

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Classic Paris V by deb_sankar

As I already confessed my obsession about this place … here is a shot once again.. That evening was quite dramatic actually … how could I miss a single shot that kept me waited for so long. Please let me know … how much did you like the ‘Classic Paris ‘

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Paris IV by debsankar

I have taken many shots near Louvre, but honestly I never resist myself to go there and take few more new shots. The time, the sky, the visitors, the surrounding every thing changes …. so changes the scape and gives me another inspiration to take a better shot. Hope you like it… and let me know what do you think …

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