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Tergesteo Glass Wall by videophotoart_com

The massive “Palazzo del Tergesteo” (Tergesto building) erected in 1842, with its ground floor crossed by a cross-vaulted arcade, was originally designed as a business centre and subsequently used as Stock Exchange. Today has become one of the citizens’ favourite meeting places in Trieste-Italy and reveals the image of the city’s splendour under the Hapsburg age.

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A warm sunset by GiuseppeTorre

The magic skyline of Florence, few minutes after a wonderful sunset.
Picture taken by “Piazzale Michelangelo”

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Genova hotel Bristol spiral staircase 2014-06-23 180307 by AnZanov

Part of a 1-day-5 stairs tour in Genova

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Hotel Bristol, Genova (GE), Italy

Nikon D7000, sigma wideangle 8-16 mm
HDR from 2 shots, handheld
DxO, Photomatix, Photoshop, Nik Color Efex Pro

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Palazzo San Giorgio by fredmatos

Built in 1260 in Genoa, Italy the beautiful Palazzo San Giorgio or St. George Palace, also known as the Palazzo delle Compere di San Giorgio, is a major tourist attraction, not only for the architectural aspect, but also for being home of Marco Polo and where the famous explorer dictated his memoirs to Rustichello of Pisa.

The building was built by Guglielmo Boccanegra, uncle of Simone Boccanegra, the first Doge of Genoa and its construction were used materials provided by the Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII arising from the demolition of the embassy of Venice in Constantinople. It was a reward for the help of Genoa against the Latin Empire.

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