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Solna Sci-fi by kaizross

Searching for the most awesome places to shoot this one came my way. There is composition elements great texture and uniqueness in this location that I’m very drawn to. This station is called Solna Centrum. The bright red paint is like flames. Some people connect it the with the idea of stairs to hell or something from sci-fi movies. This way of decoration is called organic architecture as it tries to use the natural forms of the space.

If you have any questions about the shot just ask.

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Pavilion by tom-harris

As I wade into these 500px waters I see there is some interest in one of the Architects I work closely with, Studio Gang, I made this when the pavilion at Lincoln Park Zoo – South Pond was brand new. I don’t often focus so tightly on details, I tend to look for a way to show the architecture in a heroic way, but in this case one can’t help but bathe in the light in the protection of the tortoise shell that is the pavilion.

This is the South Pond Pavilion at Lincoln Park Zoo, here in Chicago.

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Prentice Hospital by tom-harris

This photograph, made in the spring of 2013, was my first magazine cover as a professional photographer. I had the December issue of Metropolis Magazine, the issue focused on the great buildings we lost in 2013.

Sadly the series of photographs I made of this magnificent building were the last made while it was standing. Demolition began immediately following the completion of the photo project. A new hospital will replace it soon.

Here is a link to the Metropolis issue.

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