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John G. Diefenbaker Building – AKA – Old City Hall by tawatts

I was thrilled to see the forecast yesterday, high risk of severe thunderstorms …. I always feel that the best photos are right before or right after a storm… during the storm too if you can find a dry spot to shoot from. Let me tell you though, trying to clean the water drops and smears off of the lens between each shot is a general P.I.T.A. …. 😉

I spent the better part of the day yesterday with a dear friend of mine Lori and we were wandering around out at Aylmer Marina taking shots. Unfortunately my shots from that location need a lot of work. I’m not sure why, but with 9 stops of ND filters on the camera I was getting a heavy magenta colour shift in a portion of the shots. So, before I will be able to share any of these shots from the Marina, I will have to do a LOT of post-processing to see if I can make them useable. Which is really too bad, the clouds were so full of drama!

This scene I captured after I had dropped Lori off at her place and I wasn’t done yet for the day. I still wanted to make the most of the dramatic clouds and weather. The wind would come and go through the day. The clouds were very fast moving and the rain was on and off as well.

All of the processing, including stitching the 5 photos to make the panoramic shot, were done in Lightroom 6. For this scene I had stacked two ND filters to really slow my exposure down. This ended up being 30 second exposures for each of the shots. I was shooting in full manual mode, including manual focus. With nine stops of ND filters on, and being a generally dark day, I wasn’t able to get a good automatic focus. So, I pulled the ND filters off (stacked a B+W 6 stop and a B+W 3 stop filter), set my aperture to f/11, used the auto focus and then set my lens to manual focus. I then put my filters back on and started shooting knowing that I had a perfect focus again.

Camera: Nikon D800E
Lens: Nikon AF-S 24mm prime Nikkor f/1.4G ED
Bracketed exposure shots: No
Exposure level used: -1EV, 50 iso
Exposure Length: 30 seconds
Camera Orientation: Portrait
Camera Mode: Manual, f/11
Post Processing: Lightroom 6
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

via http://bit.ly/1BzWahw