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Aurora over NTNU university main building by Aziz_Nasuti

A fantastic night in Trondheim with so much dancing lights in the sky. Actually the aurora was so strong and unusual in that night that everybody could see it even inside the city.

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Tromso Light by RustamAzmi

The Tromso Light..
Tromso Paris i Nord (Paris of the north)….The city is surrounded by Fjord from Each side….It look really Beautiful during day time as it very cleaned and organised city….and During the Night if the sky is clear then you can experience the Natures show….The Northern light I cant really explain how it feels…you have to experience it at least it once in a life…

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Norah Aurora by jakubsisak

Last night’s aurora borealis as seen from my front yard on Norah St. in Thunder Bay. There are a few things that need to be mentioned here; nearly full moon was up in the sky, this is taken under fairly bright LED street lamps and the KP was hovering around 4.5 – 5 which is only moderate in my books. This was happening around 11-11:30 PM just as I was heading out to the Cascades for a night shoot. Never seen aurora like this in the city under a full moon. By the time I was on location the show was just about over and I only got a green glow in the rest of my shots that night. (My wife is a little alarmed that the house looks like it needs a paint job but it’s actually shadows from the tree illuminated by the street lamp behind it.) By http://www.jakubsisak.ca ‪#‎auroraborealis‬ ‪#‎northernlights‬

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