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Incoming by deepakkghosh

Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco, California.

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Christmas Fog by tobyharriman

I missed this bridge, views like this never get old!

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Just Another Golden Gate Bridge Photo by AronCooperman

For the last couple of months I’ve wanted to get a nice high cloud sunset from a couple of different locations around the Golden Gate Bridge…. ironically, this more classic view wasn’t one of those spots.

I was unable to get to the spot I was going for this past Sunday… because well, shoot… it seems that a tour bus broke down and blocked the road. Causing SFPD to reroute traffic, keeping me from my ideal location. Geez, I guess the cops didn’t get the memo that I was coming, right??

Well, sometimes part of photography is to make a quick adjustment and this was one of those times. The traffic reroute left me near the old battery stations that overlook the pacific just south of the Golden Gate Bridge. I walked around the area trying to fine a nice wildflower to use a foreground composition… but there was none to be found.

After trying a couple of different comps, that I wasn’t happy with. I decided to give this angle a try and and blend the last color of a beautiful burn with the start of the blue hour tones with the light trails of the cars driving over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

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Sun Francisco- California st. Sunrise Alignment by NicholasSteinberg

Ever since going to San Francisco I would say my favorite street has to be California street. It’s like a roller coaster with cable cars going up and down crossing many interesting landmarks with amazing vantage points of the city that will leave you breathless!

I had to stand in the middle of the street, as usual, to get the best angle. My goal was to get the sun rising over the Bay Bridge with an emerging cable car just in place- all while displaying the depth of California Street.

Boy was this hard, but with a little bit of persistence and good luck, I got the shot I dreamed of.

This is a SINGLE shot. NO photoshop blending or trickery. NO compositing.

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Golden Aerial by tobyharriman

*Golden Aerial*
Will never get enough of this bridge. I think I just need to shoot it fro under water now to get every angle!!

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